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Joshua Choomack started in the Bail Bonds business in Hartford Connecticut in 1999. He had worked for Budget Bail Bonds specializing in the fugitive recovery department and writing bonds 7 days a week. Then in 2003 he opened Hartford Bail Bonds. He came to Florida many times to execute recoveries and found that the service here was not up to his standards. He decided to move his operations to South Florida in 2008 to provide the best service possible!


He has accomplished that and continues to better himself, his staff and his company on a daily basis. In 2010 Josh had contracted with Universal Fir & casualty Insurance Company as their Managing General Agent. He managed over 30 companies and their day-to-day operations for 9 years as well as running South City Bail Bonds retail store. In 2019 Josh was contacted by Crum & Forster insurance Company out of Huston Texas to be involved with the expansion of their retail coverage.


Josh is also the Managing General Agent for Crum & Forster. He still works with both companies to date. Josh has 23 years of extensive experience in the Bail industry and still he is personally available 24/7 if you have any questions or concerns. As an owner he goes above and beyond and is involved with every facet of the company. Call him anytime, any day. Just ask for Josh!


South City Bail Bonds Inc. prides its company name on service! 

We here at South City have heard time after time the frustrations of clients calling other bail bond companies and getting no answer or just getting the run around from their staff.


Our customer service is second to none. We answer all calls 24hours, 7 days a week including holidays. We cover all of Florida and specialize in Palm Beach County. Our kind attentive staff is here to assist you and answer all your Bonding questions. 


(561) 296-2245

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