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Get started by completing our online bonding system.

Call for an access code and then press the green button

below to get the process started.


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All you have to do is call the office and make an appointment to do what is called a walk-thru. A short application form is done at our office and one of our Bond Agents will escort you to the jail to clear your warrant. A court date will be issued for your court appearance that day. Yes! It is that easy.


​It always better when a defendant self-surrenders in a timely manner from the time a warrant is issued. Avoiding the issue will only make your life more difficult.

It’s mandatory to be fully processed for all felony warrants. We make it as fast as possible, but it could still take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours to complete the process. The booking process can usually take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. Once the bond is executed the typical release time could be 2 to 4 hours. 

Call the office 561-296-2245 with the name and date of birth or the case number for the defendant and we will check the status of the warrant. We have full access to the clerk of court and the sheriff department warrant’s systems. An application must be completed and then you will be directed to the jail where you must self-surrender. We will closely monitor your process. The second your process is completed a Bond Agent will be at the jail to post the bond.


At South City Bail Bonds, we provide the fastest way to clear any traffic or misdemeanor warrant!

You simply call our office @ 561-296-2245. Our staff will run your name in the county clerk system database to find the warrant. Next, we will give you the password for the website and you can begin the process. You will be instructed to take a photo of your driver's license or state ID. 

Once you have entered your password click on the “red warrant link”. The system will prompt you to enter your full name and email address. You will then agree to electronic signing. Simply read every line very carefully as you initial and sign each section. At the end of the application, you must upload your ID. 

Click the finish button and the system will email you a copy of your completed paperwork. The staff at south city will also receive a copy. Once completed call our office @ 561-296-2245 and we will process your payment. You will receive a receipt with all of our company information. Our staff will then set a time for you to meet the bail bondsman at the jail. Once you get to the jail and meet with the agent, you'll simply sit in the release lobby while we prepare your bond for the release deputy's. The release deputy will call the lobby to have you and the bondsman go to the release window to sign off on your new court date. 

The process at the jail varies. It usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Once you sign for your new court date the release deputy will give you a yellow form with a court date on it. It is extremely important to hang on to this paper as the warrant may not come out of the system right away. As a courtesy we have a text notification system for court dates. Our staff will enter your information into the system, and you will get a text message 24 hours prior to your court date. 

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Be sure to keep all your paperwork and receipts. The court clerk system isn't always 100% accurate. Take it upon yourself to keep good records. Even when the case is closed it's always good to keep a file accessible. We have cleared countless warrants for people. It’s a rare occurrence but we’ve had clients rearrested on the same warrant we had cleared in the past due to the sheriff's office not removing the warrant from the system properly. As mentioned, it’s extremely rare but it happens. 



A Surety Bond is a promise to be liable for the debt, default or failure of another. The Surety Bond is a three-party contract by which one party (the Surety) or Bondsman guarantees the obligations of the second party (the principal) or Defendant to a third party (the obligee) or the Cosigner on the Bond.


Cash bonds may be imposed by a judge, commonly for child support. If a Bond is set at a low level between $10 to $1,000 for criminal offences a cash payment may be made at the jail by you directly. When you pay a cash bond and the Defendant closes the case, you will be entitled to remission or a refund on the cash bond posted. There may be fees, fines or court costs that would be taken out of the original Bond posted. So, in essence you will get the change back less any financial responsibility to the Courts.


Federal bonds are a form of financial surety that you will return to court for trial. There is no Bond schedule in Federal court. Meaning, the judge has sole discretion to set bond to what he or she may see fit for each individual case. Typically, federal bonds require full payment and collateral. The judge or prosecution may ask for financial statements, proof of property ownership and equity among other securities. 


Immigration Bonds are a form of release for Non-Citizens. Immigration Bonds are typically fully collateralized with property of any other tangible form of security to insure the Defendants appearance in Court. Immagration Bonds are charged at a State mandated 15% of the Bond amount. Example- Bond amount $10,000 times 15% = $1,500 premium payment to the Bond Agent. This Bond premium is nonrefundable when the Defendant is released from jail.


A supersedeas bond, also known as a defendant’s appeal bond, is a type of surety bond that a court requires from an appellant who wants to delay payment of a judgement until the appeal is over. Example – If a defendant is convicted of a crime, he or she may file an appeal. If the Judge finds evidence to grant the appeal, he may impose an appeal bond in which the defendant can post for release pending a new trial or court coarse of action. 


A Nebbia is a bond source requirement imposed by the judge primarily on drug trafficking or major fraud charges. Nebbia or bond source requirement means you must prove where the 10% bond premium fee is coming from. Typically, 4 months of full bank statements are required showing legitimate funds. Meaning, no cash apps or Zelle's, no large cash deposits. The money must be from gainful employment or other legitimate funds deposited into that account. Also, the balance must reflect the 10% bond premium or higher. Example – If the bond amount is $50,000 the 10% bond premium fee is $5,000. So, you must show a minimum balance of $5,000 or greater. All the bank statements and documents would be sent to the prosecution for review. If the prosecution agrees with all the aforementioned documents an order will be sent to the Judge to sign. Once the agreed order is signed by the judge, a copy will be sent over to the jail. At that point the Bondsman will be able to execute the Bond or Bonds. 


SOR or (SUPERVIDSED OWN RECOGNIZANCE) is a non-monetary form of release imposed by the judge/court. SOR is much like probation in which the defendant will have to follow certain conditions depending what level Sor he or she is placed on. Example of conditions – calling SOR to report, in person reporting, mandatory Sor fee’s, random drug screening at your expense, Etc. Any violations of Sor conditions will result in a warrant for the defendant’s arrest. Much like probation violations, SOR violations have “NO BOND”. Meaning, when you turn yourself in or get picked up on a Sor violation you will be booked in with no bond and must see the Judge. Also, you will be recommitted back on the original charges you were released on. Example – Let's say you are released on SOR for drug possession and grand theft. If you violate SOR, you will have a warrant for Sor violation which will be a new charge and you will be booked back in to jail on the drug possession and the grand theft charges from the original release. Note – In some cases the Judge may impose SOR with a Surety bond. If this happens you have no choice but to accept the SOR or the Bond Agent cannot post your bond. The jail will not accept a Surety Bond for a defendant that has not accepted the SOR program imposed by the Judge.


*Tip from the owner:

Do yourself a favor! Avoid SOR at all costs. The percentage of defendant’s violating SOR is through the roof. Don’t put you and your family into a worse situation. With the Surety Bond that we provide you will just have to appear in Court every 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) with no risk of violations. Make your life easier. The stress of being arrested is enough.

If you have questions, call us 24/7.

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